Lady Gaga announces to donate peace award to Welfare Organization

New York: The American Pop Singer Lady Gaga has announced to give the Peace Award to a welfare organization. During an award ceremony in Iceland, the Gaga received the Grammy Award from an welfare organization i.e. Yukuaunu working for human rights in Japan, and decided to donate the money for the welfare organization. Elton John Aids has received the money from Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga sell received the money for the award and donated at the same time to a welfare organization of Japan. The Award ceremony is dedicated to the late husband of and singer of Yukuaunu i.e. Beatles John Lennon.


Lady Gaga is a superb Pop singer of America, who has rocked the pop music grounds with her talent in the field. She is famous in not only in USA but also in the other English speaking countries. She has received a lot of awards due to her beautiful voice and songs. Pop Singer makes and comes up with the beautiful parodies and stunning music. The costumes used in the songs have their own value, because they always comes with the super choice. It is the quality of this pop singer that she uses the unique and beautiful costumes in her songs.

There are a lot of singers especially pop singers working in the music industry, but she has contributed a lot in pop singing. Her parodies have done a great business in the market, and people like her. She is one of the famous pop singers of America, who has been honored with different awards at different times. This time the Lady Gaga has donated the money received from the award for a welfare organization working in Japan.

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  1. Its a sympathetic decision by the pop singer Lady Gaga.

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