Kristen Stewart Said “I am sorry” to Everyone and Rupert Sanders

Beautiful and hot Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart following an affair with Rupert Sanders, said sorry and issued an apology to Robert Pattinson.

Kristen’s fans were so pleased to see her with Robert Pattinson, but Kristen is changing her mind and it seems that the couple is back together. Now the actress is saying sorry to the Robert as well as her fans and audience.

While giving an interview to the Newsweek, she revealed that she does not care about people loves her or hate her, because it cannot stop Stewart for doing anything which she wants to do. She apologized while the interview for everything she had done for making the people angry. She also added that it was not her intention.


Kristen Stewart also talked about her role in The Twilight Saga and her personal life, on which she doesn’t want to be criticized by the people, as it is her personal matter. She can has affair with someone, and according to our point of view, people should restrain from discussing her personal life and making scandals.

Kristen also added that it is so frustrated having to be a classified. But she also revealed that she is going to do some more. The Robert Pattinson has accepted the Kristen Stewart apology, but the people’s comments are yet awaited upon her getting together with Rupert Sanders.


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  1. She is a famous, beautiful and bold celebrity. I want to see more of her hot pictures and photos in which she is looking charming and pretty.

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