Kris Jenner Selfish, Reckless, Immature by In Touch Weekly

Kris Jenner exposed as Reckless, Selfish and Immature by In Touch Weekly. Previously, dark secrets of Kris Jenner have been exposed by the same tabloid, and she has also been labeled as ‘Jenner a Monster’ by the same magazine.

Dark Secrets of Kris Jenner were just like abuse against Kim Kardashian. The Kris Jenner a Monster was released, as Jenner never wants kids.

In Touch weekly has been continuing its criticism upon the Kardashian family especially Kris Jenner. In this latest edition of the tabloid, it has brought up some psychological evaluations of Kris and her former husband Robert Kardashian. The same scandal and issue was raised upon Kris in 1990 getting the matter of her divorce.

Kim Kardashian is expecting her baby, as she is ready to become a mother of one, reading In Touch Daily is not good for her. She is going through a pregnancy process, but this magazine can upset her.


Kris Jenner divorce scandal was a famous one, as she was fighting for the custody in the court. Therefore the In Touch has described her as Selfish, Reckless, and Immature in its latest edition of magazine. One of a magazine claimed that her family member has told the whole story of Kris’ divorce, but the family member is not happy to divulge his/her name in this scandal or story, as she is happy to disclose the family information and affairs of Kardashians. The person told that “The diaries were bad enough. But this is Kris’ worst nightmare.”

In Touch weekly magazine has taken few more secrets behind papers, as it doubt that Kris Jenner’s worst nightmare is not actually as it seems. You can go through the whole pages of weekly tabloid to read full story of Kris about her divorce, in which she seems reckless, selfish and immature.

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