KotaKoti 16-Years Old Girl Looks Like a Real Life Barbie Doll

The 16-years old real Barbie girl KotaKoti (Dakota Rose) is teen ager and has grabbed the attention of the Barbie lovers through her real life Barbie looks. She is wearing some beautiful cloths and in these pictures she is looking so hot just like a Barbie doll. So therefore the people have given her a name i.e. real life Barbie girl.

KotaKoti the real life Barbie doll has uploaded her photos and video on her personal blog, where from the people are coming and admiring her beauty. In teen age, she looks like a Barbie doll. She is becoming famous in China, Japan, Pakistan and India, while the western people are not giving her popularity as the real Barbie girl.

While talking to KotaKoti (real life Barbie Doll), it was revealed that she never take care of the people talk, If they see her as a funny girl. She always looks happy and wears beautiful cloths, which suits to her personality and make her a real life Barbie girl.

KotaKoti’s real name is Dakota Rose, and she always uses some hot dresses or outfits in her pictures and videos. In these pictures you can see that she is wearing school uniforms and nighties, and her hot figure is giving her an amazing look in a very short age.

Have a look on the beautiful videos and pictures of real life Barbie girl, who looks like a Barbie doll in 16 years of age, and pass your comments upon these beautiful and amazing pictures of KotaKoti.












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