Kissing your dog may cause HIV AIDS

According to a special report, kissing a dog may leads you towards HIV AIDS, which is still incurable. So be prepared for a retrovirus before kissing your dog. These retroviruses come from the dog drool, which are harmful for human life.

Details about Retrovirus

Retrovirus comes from the drool of dog, and it leads to HIV AIDS. The virus spreads fast, which comes from the dog drool. When you kiss your dong, this virus can be transfer to your mouth. Whereas the kinds of retroviruses are concerned, it may be of different kinds, but every kind is harmful for human health, as it become the main cause of HIV AIDS.


According to the special medical report, the chances of getting the retrovirus from dog is six times less if compared to the humans. So If you do intercourse with a person with HIV AIDS, there as so many chances that you may get the retrovirus by having a sexual encounter.

So health is a beautiful gift from GOD, and we must take measures for better health. As the conclusion comes that one must stop kissing the dog. By kissing your dog, you can get the retrovirus, which leads towards HIV AIDS, which is still incurable.

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