Kim Kardashian Threatens Instagram for changing policies

Famous reality star Kim Kardashian is taking a stand against the Instagram Company to bring a change in their policies, which are affecting the Kardashian’s profile.

Instagram is one of the famous photo sharing companies over the web, and Kim Kardashian has a huge list of followers on it. She is at number 1 with more than 5 million followers, at the list of profiles who have most followers. Justing Bieber and President Obama are at number 2 and three respectively.

So Kim Kardashian has decided to leave this service, if their terms and conditions are not changed. The company is yet under fire since few weeks due to their terms and conditions which suggested that the company can sell the photos of their users without their prior permission. But the Co-founder of Instagram has issued his statement clarifying that delusion.


It is just due to the Kim Kardashian threat for leaving the company and shifted her profile to some other photo sharing network. So if Kim leaves the Instagram, then her family members including Khloe, Kendall, Rob and Kylie will also leave the service and company will go through a huge loss of visitors due to the Kardashian family. The Kim Kardashian’s family is at top 10 on Instagram, which is getting more and more visitors as well as followers.

Kim Kardashian has a lot of fans at different fan pages of several social sharing networks like facebook, twitter and many others. If she leaves any one of these networks, it will be a huge loss for the website or organization, who is losing the Kim as well as Kardashian family.

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