Kim Kardashian sad at the death of her cat Mercy

According to the reality star Kim Kardashian, her cat Mercy has died. It reason behind death is a cancer virus, which is associated with breeding.

Kim Kardashian tweeted about her cat Mercy on twitter that she is so sad upon the death of her can Mercy who passed away due to some decease or cancer virus. She was completely broken heart while sharing her thoughts upon the death of her Kitten.

Kenny West, who is the Kardashian’s boyfriend, had given her the cute Persian kitten as gift in September. She gave her a name i.e. Mercy after being inspired from her man’s song.

With the passage of time Kim found that she was getting allergic from her new pet i.e. a Persian kitten after getting her from a breeder. So she gave it to the Sydney Hitchcock, who is the Khole Kardashian’s assistant.


Sydney received Kim’s cat Mercy with open arms and welcomed her, as she had lost her personal kitten, to which she was attached for more than 12 years. Hence the arrival of Mercy made her joyous and happy. She became the caretaker of Mercy, and spent some time with her. But she also went through a loss and mourning upon the death of Kim Kardashian’s cat.

It was a beautiful kitten (Persian cat with white fur) of Kim Kardashian, which had also become a part of Kardashian Christmas Card.

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  1. The deaths of cat is a normal news, but why this news has become more famous? Is it just due to the mercy the kitten of Kim Kardashian?

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