KFC To Shutdown or Close All Restaurants in Pakistan

The famous brand KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)’s franchises are soon being closing in all over the Pakistan by “Yum Brands”, as one of their KFC restaurants was badly attacked in Lebanon last week, and according to the company,

“Our KFC restaurants in Pakistan are closing as a precautionary measure,”

Yum! Brands spokesman Christopher Fuller said.

“They will continually monitor the situation to decide when to re-open.”

The KFC has a lot of branches all over the world and in Pakistan it has almost 60 restaurants in different cities. KFC is one of the famous brand of America which have its branches or franchises throughout the Muslim world. An other division of the company called KFC Arabia has a lot of franchises in 11 Middle Eastern Cities.

KFC-restaurants-will-be-closed-in-PakistanAs the whole Muslim world is doing protests against the blasphemous movie made by the Americans, and in one of the protest the protestors attacked the KFC restaurant and two other franchises Hardees and Krispy Kreme in the Tripoli City of Lebanon.


“A number of U.S. brand restaurants in Tripoli were damaged, including one KFC,”

Fuller Said.

“We have been in touch with our franchisee and fortunately all of our employees and their families are safe.”

Three franchises were set on fire together in a trip mall. The footage of the incident or attack showed the open flames coming out from the smashed windows of the restaurants.

A Hardee’s restaurant was also destroyed, “Employees and customers were evacuated from the building,”

Hardees’s spokeswoman Julie McLean Said.

“There was no report of injuries. This restaurant was targeted previously, about seven years ago, and we are closely monitoring the situation across the region.”

Hardees Arabia is also one of the famous restaurants. It has almost 200 restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa. The franchises can be easily found in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt and Oman.

After being afraid from the anger of Muslims, U.S. government closed its embassy in Pakistan on 17th September 2012, as people or protestors attacked one of its embassy in Libya on the 11th anniversary of World Trade Center collapsing on 11th September, which is called by the America “the terrorist attack”. The attackers or protesters killed one of American Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other members of staff.

After keeping in view these incidents, KFC has now decided to close all of its branches, restaurants, or franchises in all over the Pakistan, as the protesters who are showing anger against the blasphemous movie can turn violet at anytime leaving the KFC restaurants set on fire being a American Brand of Yum Brands.

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  1. All the branches of KFC are working still in Pakistan.

  2. Whereas the Pakistan is concerned all the franchises are open in the areas.

  3. KFC is not closed, it is still working in Pakistan.

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