Kate Middleton Topless Pictures on French Magazine Closer

Here is an exclusive picture of Kate Middleton Topless, which has been published by the French Magazine “Closer”. The Topless photos of Duchess of Cambridge has made a controversy in United Kingdom. The photos published by the French Magazine were taken when Kate Middleton and William were on private holiday in France. Both are so mad about the scandal and the royal family is planning to take it up with the magazine. According to the Piers Morgan views, Kate can’t strip her top outside her bedroom, and in his view these are fake pictures of Kate and William. She can’t take her top off outside her bedroom, it is his point of view. Paparazzi should not blame for this. What do you think, i don’t know you can watch the real and uncensored pictures on Gistreel.

These Kate Middleton Topless Pictures were taken while sunbathing on the swimming pool. But representatives from the royal family confirmed that the pictures are real and genuine, and they are now ready to file a lawsuit against the French Magazine i.e. “Closer”. The publication of these pictures claimed that the photos were taken on a guesthouse terrace, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge i.e. Kate Middleton and William spent time together last month. Have a look on the Kate Middleton Topless Pictures.


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