Kate Middleton Revealed the Baby Bumps in Bikini Pictures

U.S. Tabloid has revealed (Published) the Kate Middleton baby bumps in bikini pictures taken on beach. she was on her vacation in Mustique. The British Duchess has become the cover page girl of the magazine in bikini pictures on the beach.

Kate Middleton baby bump photos have been published by Italy’s Chi Magazine, in which she is walking on the beach in bikini. The Italy’s tabloid has come up with the bikini images of Kate Middleton on beach in which she is showing her baby bump.

Kate Middleton is four months pregnant and going to have a baby soon. The same magazine has previously published the Kate Middleton Topless Pictures and Bottomless Pictures, in which the 31-years old British Duchess was enjoying holidays outside with her husband William.

The Middleton privacy was leaked by the tabloid leaving another scandal of the Royal family. The U.K. magazines, tabloids, newspapers, and media channels are not publishing any controversial photos of Kate Middleton due to the honor of Royal Family. But the tabloids outside U.K. are publishing the scandalous photos of the princess.





Now the Star Tabloid is following Chi’s Lead by publishing the bikini pictures of the Royal princess. The baby bumps have been revealed in these non-nude pictures of Middleton from her belly. The Kate Middleton is walking on the beach in red beautiful bikini, while the people are also walking around her and seeing the princess in red hot bikini.

We wish best of luck to princess Kate Middelton who is going to give birth to a baby soon in July, and the baby bumps you can see clearly in these images, which have been published by the Italy’s Tabloid Chi. We do not know about the rights why tabloids are running the Kate Middleton baby bumps pictures on their cover page, but UK media is not publishing any controversial photo of the princess.

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