Kate Middleton Prank Call DJs Show canceled due to Nurse Suicide

The Kate Middleton prank call Djs has made controversy due to death of nurse, as their radio show (Hot 30) has been canceled. Michael Christian and Mel Greig both were involved in a prank call to pregnant princess Kate Middleton, and in the result a nurse committed suicide.

The radio Djs were just going through a joke, which later converted into practical by getting a nurse suicide case. The incident took place few months ago, and now the Southern Cross Austereo, the owner of Sydney-based 2Day FM, has taken the decision to axe the Hot 30 radio show countdown.


Michael Christian and Mel Greig, the broadcaster of Hot 3o will remain the employee of the radio channel, but host a new program on the same station. The CEO Rhys Holleran told the media that he will get back the radio broadcaster (Mel Greig and Michael Christian) involved in prank call to Kate Middleton at the right time. They will appear at the same radio channel, but in some other roles, when they will be ready for it. Previously Kate Middleton was up on the media due to topless pictures, but when the news of Kate Middleton Pregnancy came, the previous controversy came to an end.


Six weeks before, Jacintha Saldana, 46-years old nurse committed suicide by hanging herself into her apartment. She was serving in King Edward VII Hospital, where from the pregnant Kate Middleton was getting treatment. The decision to retain the DJs of the Hot 30 radio show has been taken after six week of the nurse death at King Edward Hospital.

Kate Middletion’s condition was going better in the hospital, as she was admitted due to acute morning sickness. But due to this prank call from the radio station, a nurse committed suicide, which was a bad news for both Kate and William.


But it was not in the mind of Radio Djs that their prank call could become a cause of someone’s death. Later on they apologized for their action by uploading an audio recording of Middleton Hoax. Christian and Greig had been roaming in the news channels at that time. But their joke just took the life of Saldana, the nurse at King Edward Hospital.

The Radio Djs Michael Christian and Mel Greig took the leave from the radio channel, and after issued a statement of apologize. They were also shattered and gutted on the death of Kate Middleton’s nurse at King Edward VII Hospital, who had met suicide due to prank call from the hosts of Hot 30.

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