Kate Middleton Bottomless Pictures Published By Danish Magazine Se Og Hor

After the topless pictures of Kate Middleton the new version has come with a title Kate Middleton Bottomless. The Royal Family i s too much worried that what is being happened. The Danish Magazine Se Og Hor has published the Bottomless photos. The royal photo scandal has now become a hot search over the web, as Danish magazine has published a lot of pictures of the Duchess of royal family.

According to the magazine, there are a lot of pictures of Kate Middleton in various states of undress, and these pictures are not yet published. The Danish Magazine Se Og Hor has published a few of these pictures on the magazine cover.

The Royal Family is now ready to make a law suit against the magazine. The Se og Hør Editor Kim Henningsen said in a statement. “It is a se of photos from the an A-class celebrity. As Danish is a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, its my job to publish the scandals and gossips. We have no fear of the Royal family, and if the British family want to sue us, then it will happen then, and we will face the music and deal with it.”


The Topless pictures of Kate Middleton have been published in various magazines from France, Italy, and Ireland. French magazine has also reported that It has photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William while having sex.

The British Royal Family has recently won their legal battle against the French magazine, but the Closer can publish the other pictures as its a huge scandal. But there are a plenty of magazine, who are publishing the nude pictures of Kate and William, and its not likely for both to go in court against a lot of magazines.


The Kate Middleton Bottomless photos or pictures are now published on a low of magazines Like Danish Magazine So Og Hor.

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