Kashmala Tariq Scandals Pictures

Famous and beautiful politician Kashmala Tariq scandals and her hot pictures are roaming over the social networking sites these days. Kashmala is a big name in Pakistani politicians, who has earned fame in past few years. But the beautiful and gorgeous Kashmala Tariq is not safe from the scandals right now, as several of her scandal pictures are roaming over the social media, where people are sharing and passing comments on them.

Kashmala Tariq Scandal Pictures

Kashmala Tariq was once out of the country may be in UAE, where she went outside for having a bath on the beach wearing some short cloths. These hot pictures of Kashmala Tariq were taken by someone over there, but there is no authenticity behind the Kashmala Tariq hot pictures.


Kashmala Tariq Sex Talk no Phone

It was another Kashmala Tariq telephone scandal, where she was talking with someone in some romantic mood. It is said that she was talking with another politician late night over he mobile phone. The mobile phone talk went viral over the web especially on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But again there is not authenticity behind the voice of Kashmala Tariq in telephone chat scandal.


Kashmala Tariq And Fidaus Ashiq Awan Scandal

Kashmala Tariq and Firdaus Ashiq Awan both were sitting in a debate on a live TV channel, when Firdaus claimed that Kashmala is a product of bed politics, She has came in politics after going through some illegal relations with politicians. This incident was happened on the live TV channel in a debate, where Kashmala Tariq was become a victim of criticism and claimed to be the product of bed politics by Firdaus Ashiq Awan.

Kashmala Tariq

Kashmala Tariq Hot and Sexy Pictures

Kashmala Tariq is said to be a famous and most beautiful politician of Pakistan. She came in the politics in a very young age and earn fame with a so called famous political party, which is sitting in opposition these days. Kashmala Tariq hot pictures have become a part of social sharing sites, where a lot of fans of Kashmala Tariq admire her beauty and share their comments upon her photos.


Kashmala Tariq Hajj Scandal

Kashmala Tariq has now been involved in Hajj corruption scandal, and she has been blamed as a corrupt politician. This is the latest Kashmala Tariq scandal upon Hajj Corruption, which is roaming over the television news channels these days. It is also heard that an FIR is going to be placed against female politician for making corruption in Hajj applications. Some people have given application against kashmala that she is involved in Hajj corruption case, and police and Federal Investigation Agency has started investigation against her.

Kashmala Tariq has remained involved in several scandals, but she is a brave lady, who never thinks about the people who raise criticism against her. Few months back people were raising another news about her that Kashmala Tariq is getting divorce from her husband. As she is a famous female politicians so people remain busy in spreading rumors and making scandals of Kashmala Tariq.

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