Kareena Kapoor is no more Hottest Vegetarian of the Year

Bollywood hot actress Kareena Kapoor, who has selected as Hottest Vegetarian of the year many times has started eating fish, and is no more vegetarian. She is now not eligible for the contest, as after wedding she has started eating meat.

Kareena Kapoor’s mother in Law, Sharmila Tagore has told the media in an interview that her daughter-in-law means Bebo has changed her eating habits and now she eat fish and white meat. She also revealed that the Kareena’s repertoire is limited and it was very difficult for her to fix veggie meals for her.


But after Saif Kareena Wedding, it has become essential for Bebo to change her habits according to the needs of Pataudi family. She is now daughter-in-law of Pataudi family, which is a famous one in Mumbai and India. So Bebo took it easy to change her eating habits and started to eat fish and meat, as she is no more vegetarian of the year.


Saif Ali Khan and Kareena marriage was not according to Islam, but it was hearing that Kareena will accept Islam after marriage with Saif. But the stunning and hot Kareena Kapoor has not accept Islam yet, as there is no news of her for accepting Islam. Kareena also told that her Papa Kapoor will be pleased to hear that his daughter is no longer vegetarian in the Tandoori-chicken family, as she has started eating fish and meat.

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