Kardashian Christmas Card – With or Without Kenny West Pictures

Kenny West is not appearing yet on Kardashian Christmas Card with Kim Kardashian. Their love and relation is growing day by day, but it need some more time for the wrapper to be a part of Kardashian family, which is the reality TV’s first family.

It is reported by a local news channel that the picture of Kenny West will not be published on the Kardashian Christmas Card for not being a part of Kardashian family.

It is also heard that Kim Kardashian has never listed her boyfriend on the family card. The only one was her ex-husband who had appeared on the Kardashian Christmas card, which is also known as Kardashian family card. So if the Kenny West get married with Kim Kardashian, he will be listed on their family card.


But How Scott Disick was appeared on the 2011 Kardashian Christmas Card? There is a reason behind his picture on the family card that they had decided that if they get pregnant before their marriage, the discussion will go through their families. Therefore it was the only reason behind the Scott Disick’ picture with Kim Kardashian on Kardashian Christmas Card.

Several fans of Kim Kardashian are seeking for the family card or Kardashian Christmas card to see her pictures on the card with Kenny West. It is expected that the pictures of Kardashian family will become so popular on this Christmas.

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  1. Kanye West is going become a father of Kim Kardashian child soon. Now it seems that he will be listed on 2013 Kardashian Christmas card.

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