Kardashian Christmas Card 2012 Released

Kim Kardashian as the Kompany has released the Kardashian Christmas card for the year 2012. The wait for the Christmas card has finally ended, as a lot of people were searching for the Kardashian family card to see their pictures and photos on it.

It is the annual tradition of Kardashian family that they publish a Christmas card to say Marry Christmas to their fans, friends and relatives. The Christmas card for 2012 has the pictures of Kardashian family members and a beautiful Macy’s tree in Rockefeller Center along with midnight mass around the nation.

The December 25 i.e. the Christmas day is coming soon, and people especially celebrities are making different plans to wish Marry Christmas to their fans and friends. Kim Kardashian has also come up with the famous Kardashian Christmas card, as it is the practice of her family to print these cards every year in December.


Penelope Disick has also appeared at the Christmas card making it as a debut. Not only Penelope but also the Kim Kardashian Cat Mercy has become the part of this Christmas card. But the question rises where Kenny West is? The Kim’s boyfriend has not appeared on the Christmas card, because he cannot become a part of this card until he puts an engagement or wedding ring in the finger of Kim Kardashian.

The Kardashian Christmas card is more special and charming than the card of last year. Nick Saglimbeni being a friend of Kardashian family has snapped the pictures. But People are comparing this Kardashian Christmas card 2012 with the same of last year.

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