Kangana Ranaut Hot ramp walk for Gavin Miguel at Blender Pride

Mumbai: Bollywood beautiful and bold actress Kangana Ranaut walked the ramp for fashion designer Gavin Miguel at Blender Pride Fashion tour in a revealing white strapless dress. Bollywood actress rocked the ramp and crowd was so excited to see the beautiful dress of hot Kangana.

Kagana is a brave actress of Bollywood, who looks like the Hollywood celebrities and also likes to wear the bold and short dresses to attract the audience. While walking on the ramp, Kangana was not feeling nervous, while she was wearing a dress which was showing her curves very clearly from top to bottom. But in this dress she was looking a prominent model of Blender Pride. The credit for dress designing goes to Gavin Miguel, which is a famous fashion designer of Indian showbiz industry.

Kangana Ranaut has also won the title of best dressed celebrity by a famous People magazine previously. Kangana Ranaut was also appeared at Maxim Magazine in April. She didn’t looks nervous, while some of the from crowd were talking about her dress malfunctioning. But it was not a right discussion at that time, when Kangana a Bollywood’s bold actress was walking on the ramp. When she was asked about the dress, she said it was important to carry a dress with elan and class.

Have a look on the Kangana Ranaut hot pictures, images or photos taken during walk on the ramp of Blender Pride fashion tour. According to Kangana Ranaut fashion is an attitude, and it is not necessary one has to wear what the others wear. The choice should be unique and beautiful, but it should be in your knowledge that what you are going to wear, and is outfit according to your class and elan or not? Have a look on the beautiful and hot pictures of Kanagana Ranaut.

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