Javed Sheikh’s Son Shehzad and Hina Mir Wedding Pictures

Legendary actor of Pakistan, Javed Sheikh’s son Shehzad Sheikh has married Hina Mir on 28th December. The wedding pictures of Shehzad Sheikh and Hina Mir wedding ceremony are now available at different social networking sites, where people are sharing their comments upon them.

Shehzad Sheikh got married with Hina Mir in December 2012. Javed Sheikh has been involved in different marriage scandals, and now a days Javed Sheikh Drinking Scandal has become famous. Javed Sheikh’s first marriage was done with Zinat Mangi, with whom he was blessed with a son and a daughter. Shehzad Sheikh is the son of Javed Sheikh and Zeenat Mangi.

Several Pakistani celebrities were there to attend the marriage ceremony of Shehzad Sheikh and Hina Mir. The people from political parties, entertainment and showbiz industry of Pakistan were gathered there to send their greetings for newly married couple. Previously the daughter of Javed Sheikh, Momal Sheikh’s marriage was held in the same year with Nadir, and several celebrities and so called people from the drama and film industry of Pakistan were attending their wedding ceremony.

Last year several marriages were took place, which belong to the showbiz, film and drama industry of Pakistan. Almost a month ago, Shehroz Sabzwari was got married with Syra Yousaf, and he is the cousin of Shehzad Sheikh. Atiqa Odho got married with Samar Ali Khan of PTI, and it was another famous marriage of the last year, where a showbiz model got married with a political leader. You can have a look on the wedding pictures of Shehzad Sheikh and Hina Mir.

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  1. Congratulations on wedding of Shehzad Sheikh and Hina Mir.

  2. I just knew that he is the son of Javed Sheikh, who has married Hina Mir. Please upload some more wedding pictures of the couple.

  3. We say the son of Javed Sheikh best of luck upon his marriage.

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