Javed Sheikh Caught Drunk in a Party – Scandal Pictures

Famous Pakistani actor, Javed Sheikh remained involved in many scandals previously has caught while drinking wine in a party with other co-stars. Javed Sheikh marriage scandals are famous in Pakistan, and now the new one has become a part of social media in which he has caught drunk.

Where is the biography of Javed Sheikh is concerned, he has been working in Pakistani film industry since long and from the very short age. He has also remained involved in several scandals. He has several affairs with other Pakistani actresses, and was previously married to Salma Agha and Zeenat Mangi. Now a days he is serving in Pakistani Drama industry in the field of production, acting and direction.


Previously the scandals of Javed Sheikh was famous on social media where people were discussing about his marriage with actress Sana and Neeli. According to a previously published report, many Pakistani actors and actresses drink wine even on the drama sets.

Javed Sheikh was drinking wine in a party, when the pictures were taken. Humayun Saeed, who has already caught drunk is also standing with Javed sheikh in the pictures, while Sheikh is holding a glass of wine. Pakistani pop singer Faakhir Mehmood, who is famous for his album (Mantra) is also standing aside Javed Sheikh. The famous celebrities of Pakistan are showing the bad image of our country, where the Islamic rules are applied but our celebrities who present the country are doing violation and breaking the laws.

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  1. Fakhir and Humayun Saeed are also standing with Javed Sheikh, and they are not feeling shame upon this picture, as it has become the habit of Pakistani actors and actresses to drink wine at the drama and film sets.

  2. Javed Sheikh is a big name of Pakistani film industry, so he should not appear on news headlines supporting by these scandals.

  3. It has become the habit of most of our drama and film celebrities that they drink on the set of the films and dramas.

  4. Javed Sheikh and Sana scandal was famous and this one also got fame soon.

  5. He is presenting a bad image of the country being a so called actor of Lollywood and Drama Industry.

  6. Humayun Saeed and Fakhir are also standing with Javed Sheikh, while he is getting a drink.

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