Jacob Cox-Brown Brags About Drunk Driving on Facebook, Gets Arrested

Jacob Cox-Brown has been arrested by the police and sent in jail following the dumbest Facebook gaffe. He was accused of bragging about drunk driving and committing a hit and run.

Jacob Cox-Brown is not so smart, as he was talking about a vehicle hit in his posts. He wrote the post on Facebook and said sorry to the person whose vehicle was hit by him. The posts led him to get arrested from his home in Astoria, Oregon by the police.

The accident case was under investigation by the police, when two of his friends read the Facebook post and informed the police. This enabled police to get some vital information about the accident or road hit. They finally arrested the Jacob Cox-Brown finding him the culprit behind the road hit.


One night ago, an accident took place, in which a white Scion and an adjacent vehicle became damaged in their parking spots. The police was finding some clues, which became clear after the Facebook posts of Jacob Cox-Brown.

Police raided the home of Cox-Brown after finding him guilty in this case. The police were informed about the Facebook posts of Jacob Cox-Brown that he was saying sorry for the person whose vehicle got damaged at previous night. Police collected the pieces of damaged taillight and bumper to get some help while investigating the case.

He was arrested on account of failing to perform his duties as a driver and DUI charge, which was not filed even after the nine hours he was not in the car. According to a spokesman, Astoria Police is also active at social media and has revealed the presence.

According to the Astoria Police, one of their officers was informed through a private Facebook message about the posts of Jacob Cox-Brown. The case which was looking tough, became easy after the information about the Jacob Cox-Brown Facebook posts. They also added that when you post at Facebook or social media, you have to think that it will not remain private for long.

The Astoria Police told that they use Facebook and social media sites, as they needs to find things like this. At the age of 18, he can be charged an account of adult, but he has the IQ of a three-years old child. It also seems bad because there is not surcharge for the stupidity of social media regarding Jacob Cox-Brown bragging about drunk driving.

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