Jack Osbourne And Lisa Stelly Marriage Picture in Hawaii

Jack Osbourne has married Lisa Stelly, who is a model as well as actress. She is the mother of 6-month-old daughter named “Pearl”. The wedding ceremony was held in at the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii on Sunday. It was just a simple marriage in which almost 50 members were participating including the family members and friends. The beautiful couple became husband and wife during this wedding ceremony that was said to be emotional and fun-filled. According to the U.K.’s Hellomagazine, the fun in the ceremony enabled us to take some official photos.


The Jack Osbourne’s sister Kelly, was also happy when she was serving as one of the new wife’s bridesmaids. The bridesmaids were spotted getting a golf cart ride to the nuptials clad in light pink color, shouldered gowns, jeweled flip-flops, and holding simple bouquets of baby’s breath. Whereas the groomsmen are concerned, they were all dressed in navy suits having white shirts and navy ties. The Lisa Stelly was also looking gorgeous in wedding dress.

Two days ago before Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly wedding, Jack Osbourne who is only 26 tried very hard to throw off the media attention towards his rumored nuptials. He tweeted as “I love how going to Hawaii with my mum for her 60th has turned into my wedding. He also added that people are funny. His mom Sharon Osbourne tried her best to play along with the rouse. She also tweeted on twitter as “Last weekend of being 59 and I am having a huge celebration with family and friends.

The Family of Jack Obsourne is still in Hawaii, and it may be possible that they will celebrate the 60th birthday of Sharon Osbourne  on the big island.

Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly after marriage living with each other happily. The beautiful couple in still enjoying their honeymoon or holidays in Hawaii. It was a good decision by jack and Lisa Stelly to get married. Jack revealed that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just weeks after his daughter’s birth. We wish Best of luck to Lisa Stelly and Jack Osbourne for their married life.

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