Is Kashmala Tariq a product of Bed Politics – Scandal

According to Gulraiz it is quite common in the west that ambitious and beautiful ladies blatantly use their seductive looks, beauty and charms to rise above, but it is quite different in Pakistani society, as Kashmala Tariq is a beautiful and hot politician of Pakistan but not seems to be a product of bed politics.

Especially in the countries where males are huge in numbers than that of women, women always tend to remain at sidelines. Pakistan is the country where the males are holding the political commands of the country and women are less or minor in numbers. It is also a fact that women are always nominated for keeping in view the name of father or husband, their family backgrounds, and only on the reserved seats for women.


In this modern age, many females got this chance to sit in the parliament as former dictator and retired Army General Parvez Musharaf has increased the women seats in the assemblies. Hina Rabbani Khar, Kashmala Tariq, Sumaira Malik and many others appeared in the politics with their share of fame. The most famous female politicians belonged to the native or mother party i.e. PML-Q have left the party and flew here and there, as General Musharaf went packing after leaving the seat.

Kashmala Tariq is one of the famous female politicians in Pakistan. She has a lot of scandals in her political career as Kashmala Tariq enjoying on beach wearing short, and Kashmala Tariq having sex chat on phone. A lot of people are the searcher of her hot pictures. She is a beautiful female politicians of Pakistan, who has also worked in modeling industry or showbiz industry of Pakistan. Kashmala Tariq was living in Islamabad ans she was working hard to find the power and corridors. She got her break through the Pervaiz Elashi and Chaudhry Shujaat, and became a close friend of Minister Humayun Akhtar in very short period of time. Humayun Akhtar is the son of an Army General, who died in the same plane crash with former dictator General Zia-ul-Haq.

Kashmala Tariq who got fame and seat, when the Chaudhries were in power and holding the political command of the country, but after that she left PML-Q even before Humayun Akhtar. But it was also a part of politics that she remained loyal to the ex-president General Musharaf and even toured the United States and other countries as his ambassador. She always remained sincere to him and defended him across the USA. As fingers were raised upon the issue that Kashmala Tariq is a product of bed politics, it seems to be wrong. It is good to say that she is a beautiful female politician of Pakistan but it is totally wrong to say that she has came in the politics after sleeping with the pillars of the politics.

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  1. He has been involved a lot of scandals, these news seems to be the rumor.

  2. Is it true or false?

  3. She is said to be the product of bed politics as Firdaos Ashiq Awan has raised the point in live debate.

  4. She is among the young and hot politicians in the world.

  5. I like her beauty and stunning looks, she is also been involved in the scandal pictures on beach, which was taken while she was on a government visit to USA.

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