iPhone 5 is Claimed Jailbreaking by Hackers

Where Apple is celebrating the landmark launching of iPhone 5  along with iOS 6 operating system and celebrating the success, the hackers have announced the jail breaking of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The largest cellular brand couldn’t stop hackers to remain away from the landmark release of latest gadget.

The latest gadget, which has released by the Apple has become famous among the iPhone lovers and more than 2 million orders were received before its launching within 24 hours. People are waiting to have iPhone 5 in their hands, who have booked the orders, and their applications are in queues. The latest iPhone 5 is bigger than the older versions released by Apple and the operating system is latest i.e. iOS 6.


In this latest model of iPhone a new operating system has been released i.e. iOS6, which is the latest operating system by Apple. But unfortunately the hackers have announced the jail breaking of the latest operating system spoiling the joy of iPhone lovers. The iPhone company i.e. Apple is also amazed upon the hacking of their latest iOS 6 operating system, which is hackers protected. Grant Paul who is a famous iPhone hacker has claimed that he can hack the Apple iPhone even its operating system i.e. iOS 6. He tweeted about this achievement on Twitter and also released some images of iPhone 5 as well.

In these images of Jail broken the latest gadget, it is shown that the Cydia is running on the latest device that has been launched by Apple. As it is a big achievement for hackers, as well as for hacking community to hack the iPhone, they have announced the release date for iOS 6 jail breaking. Apple users are also allowed by Cydia to download the premium contents without any cost or free of charge. This is a big achievement for hackers and a loss of repute for Apple as it couldn’t protect its latest gadget i.e. iPhone 5.


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  1. Its a bad news for Apple that their latest gadget is not out the range of hanckers.

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