Indian Police arrested a man for killing a minor girl

New Delhi: According to an Indian news agency, a man was arrested on Monday, who allegedly killed a minor girl after failing to rape her in India. The man was arrested from the Shahjahanpur district and is under interrogation.

The innocent girl who was just 11 years old went missing on 18th October from the fields of Tilhar area, where she had gone to graze her cattle. According to the police, her dead body was found buried in a field after two days from her abduction.

As a case was registered in the nearest police station by the family of the girl, the police had now arrested a man name Chandarahas alias Guddu on the basis of doubt, but after interrogation it was revealed that the Guddu is the murderer and culprit, as the blood stained clothes of the innocent victim have been recovered from him.


This is a criminal who has not only molested a little innocent girl, but also killed her after failing to attempt rape on her. He should not be sent behind bars, but killed on the road in front of public, so that no one can dare to do like this act.

During police investigation, Guddu also told the police that he killed the 11-years old girl after failing to rape her and buried her dead body in the fields to hide the truth.

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  1. This man should be hanged till death instead of keeping in Jail.

  2. The culprit should be shot at site.

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