Indian Muslim Amir Khan will perform Hajj with his mother

As the Holy Event of Hajj is near to come again or you can say the pilgrimage is back, a lot of Muslims are willing to perform Hajj. It is the recommended duty of every Muslim to visit the house of ALLAH Almighty to perform Hajj and ask for the forgiveness. The event comes once in a year, when Muslims from all over the world makes their way to the holy city Makkah to perform their duty, which is compulsory once in their lives. The Muslims who can afford it are directed to spend for Hajj. Many Indian Muslims also goes for the Hajj every year. The Bollywood Superstar Amir Khan has decided to perform Hajj this year with his mother.

While giving a short interview to the media, Amir Khan told that he is busy in his upcoming thriller Dhoom 3, he will go Makkah to visit the house of ALLAH Almighty and perform Hajj there with his mother. Here is the latest tweet of Amir Khan.


“My brother Faisal could have gone with my mother but Allah gives me this opportunity to perform Hajj,”

As Bollywood Film Industry is occupied by the Muslims, like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, and many others, Amir is one of those Muslim actors in India who always take care of the fact that he is Muslim and he have to talk about his religion openly on different occasions. Amir told the media that every year he wished to perform the Hajj, but this year on the request of his mother he will perform the holy duty. So this year on Hajj Day he will be in front of his creator.

Amir Khan has taken the decision to perform Hajj this year, and he has been making all the Indian Muslims proud with the services he is executing to the suffering ones of country. It is also heard that some positive changes will come in Amir’s Personality after performing the Hajj and visiting the Makkah.

At last we wish him all the best for performing the Hajj, as it is the real journey of his life. He should ask for the forgiveness whiles his journey towards the holy city i.e. Makkah. It will be a precious feeling for him when Amir Khan will be performing the Hajj.


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  1. Beautiful News, the whole Indians may seeing the Indian Muslims who is going to perform Hajj.

  2. Its a good decision by Amir Khan to go for Hajj with his mother.

  3. It is also heard the Amir Khan has met Shahid Afridi and Saeed Anwar during the Hajj pilgrimage.

  4. it is one of the good news as a muslim for me the one of the indian muslim celebrity perform the hajj,becoz from the performence of hajj from mr.amir khan may be the other muslim celebrity from india perform this holy hajj in the guidence of amir khan,ALLAH accept the hajj of amir khan

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