Husband Murdered His Wife & Freeze Her Dead Body for 10 Years

A man named Masaichi Yamada, who was running a fish processing company in northern Japan Port of Kushiro, was arrested when the dead body was uncovered, which was freeze with fully cloths.


The suspect nastily murdered the victim with a solid object at his home and kept her body at his working place in a freezer. It was not immediately come into knowledge of the police that he has murdered his wife.


The murder took place between year 2002 to 2006, and the official said that she would have been 71 years old, if she was alive. The Husband Yamada reported to the police and confessed that he killed his wife during an argument, and carried the body in his factory via road in a car.


Finally the brothers of the woman approached the police and said that they have no contact to their sister for several years. The police took this into notice and searched the dead body of their sister. The dead body remained in the freezer for 10 years approximately.

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