Howard Stern apologizes to Lena Dunham on air at Radio

America Got Talent judge, Howard apologized to Lena Dunham, the little cute girl on air and showed his love for the HBO show Girls. He also added that he was just taking her talentless due to some mistake, while she is a talented girl.

The Radio Host amended something after the creator and star of Comedy Show ‘Girls’ on HBO won awards at Golden Globes.

Lena Dunham won more than one Golden Globe award on Sunday night for her comedy Show ‘Girls’ on HBO. On the very next day she received some memorable kind words from America Got Talent judge, Howard Stern.

Howard Stern decided to have some explaining on air on his radio show, because some had constructed a very unkind and unflattering thing a week earlier. Hence he and his show was becoming famous and catching heats for presenting and describing the actress as “a little fat girl, who kinda looks same like Jonah Hill.”



The DJ of the radio said any report, which is portraying him as bashing Dunham as well as her show is just a rumor and hatchet job. Howard Stern on his first show was trying to make some amends. He added that he felt it very bad because he really love the show Girls on HBO, and admire the girl who is the story writer of Girls. In this way Howard Stern apologized to Lena Dunham on the live radio show with DJ.

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