Hot Mathira’s Top Fell Down During Walk on Ramp

The famous model and TV Host Mathira is also copying Veena Malik to be in news headlines all the time. The the release of hot naked photoshoot of Mathira, she is going one step forward by dropping her top over the ramp during catwalk. To be again in news headlines, she bring another stunt for the entertainment of public. This time she goes for live stunt in front of live audience, who are seeing the ramp walk of Fashion Pakistan Week 3 in the major city of Pakistan i.e. karachi.
The video of the stunt performed by Mathira is appended below. In this video Mathira started walk on the ramp wearing Saima Chaudhry’s wardrobe, and during catwalk her top fell down, which left the audience jaw dropped on this unexpected situation where she got topless. As Mathira Khan is a confident lady she didn’t get confused, and completed the walk without feeling embarrassed on the moment. She finished her ramp walk as nothing has happened to her.
When this incident took place, people are discussing whether it was a preplanned publicity or just a wardrobe malfunction. It is also worth mentioning that Mathira Khan and FPW3 both are attracting audience on twitter by daily tweets.
In one of her tweet, she told what if wardrobe has malfunctioned, and her top fell down? she doesn’t care at all. Here is an exclusive video of Mathira on the ramp, in which she lost her control over her wardrobe while walking on the ramp.

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  1. She is a famous bold actress of Pakistan, as well as she performs yoga with an art.

  2. It means she is a yogi.

  3. Please upload some Mathira Khan nude photo shoot, which has come up to the media few days ago.

  4. She is a yogi, and at the time when she received the dirty live calls in her show, she got fame due to this big scandal.

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