Hema Malini Awarded with Picture on Postage Stamp

The Indian Bollywood actress Hema Malini has been awarded by the Norway government. The Norway government has decided to issue the postage stamp with the picture of Hema Malini. The glamorous Bollywood actress has contributed a lot in the Bollywood Cinema. Now her daughter Esha Deol is also working in Bollywood Cinema, but she is not as beautiful as her mother is even in this age.

The Bollywood dream girl Hema is now a days in Oslo for attending the ceremony on the completion of 100 years of Indian Cinema. Hema performed in the festival on 9th September with both of her daughters Aahana and Esha, and they were encouraged by the audience. The Foreign Minister of Norway appreciated the performance of Hema Malini in the festival and awarded her with the postage stamp or ticket, which was especially issued for the Hema keeping in view her contribution in the Bollywood Cinema. She always looks young and being more prettier with the passage of time. She is one of the beautiful actresses who refused to age due to her beauty and hot looks.


In an interview by the media, Hema Malini told that she was pleasant when the Foreign Minister of Norway present a postage stamp or ticket with her picture. The ticket was specially issued for Hema and it was a great owner for her to receive that postage stamp on the stage. The Norway government has awarded the Hema, and it was also like a life time achievement award for the Hema Malini, who is still providing her services for the Bollywood.

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  1. He is an ever green and stunning beautiful gorgeous woman, who is still young while having the young daughters who are also playing the leading roles in Bollywood movies.

  2. I like to see her hot scenes on youtube, as she is one of the beautiful actresses of Bollywood like Madhubala. She still looks so young and more prettier than her daughters.

  3. I am a big fan of Hema. Dharmindar was a lucky man who marry the beautiful actress. It was a good decision by Norway government to give honor to the Bollywood actress by issuing the postage stamp with her pictures on it.

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