Hadiqa Kiyani Nikah Ceremony and Husband Pictures

Pakistani hot singer Hadiqa Kiyani has married with a young guy, and her wedding and Nikah pictures are here for her fans. Hadiqa after a log working in music industry of Pakistan has taken a turn about her life by going through her Nikah ceremony.

Hadiqa Kiyani wedding pictures

As Hadiqa Kiyani has got married with a smart guy, her pictures with husband during Nikah ceremony have been uploaded here, in which she is wearing Hijab and looking so nice and gorgeous. You can also see a Maulana who is performing their Nikah, while Hadiqa is signing on her Nikah papers.





Hadiqa Kiyani Son

Whereas the Hadiqa Kiyani son before marriage is concerned, he is adopted from the children from the 2005 disaster in Pakistan. She is living with her adopted son and treating her as her own son. She is also doing a welfare work by managing the expenses of an adopted son.



Hadiqa Kiyani Music Career

Hadiqa Kiyani has released a lot of songs and albums, after her super hist song like “Buhey Bariyan, Mehr Ma and Raaz” which became popular in Pakistan and neighbor country as well. Hadiqa Kiyani is related to modeling industry of Pakistan, as there is no need of any model for Hadiqa Kiyani songs, as she performs well and always looks hot in her music videos. Hadiqa Kiyani has also sung Pashto Songs in her latest new music album for the Pashto language lovers. The wallpapers of Hadiqa are also very famous over the web, where people likes to download in HD forms, and now they will be pleased to hear that Hadiqa is married.

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  1. Hadiqa kiani has become the bone of contention between mubashar luqman and his wife?

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