Govt Islamia High School Lahore Headmaster Scandal – Child Molestation

Child abuse or child molestation is increasing day by day. The Zafar Shahzad Headmaster of Government Islamia High School Lahore was involved in child abuse, He uses the innocent boys of the school for sexual stimulation. This has become a new scandal of teachers and schools. In this school, it was the practice of headmaster to use the innocent child for sex from the age of 8 to 16. The Headmaster left the school, when after become a victim of child abuse, the student started protest against the headmaster.


According to a representative of News Tribe, the incidents of child molestation were going on in this school, where Zafar Shahzad the headmaster of the school was involved in child abuse for a short period. According to the nearby residents, one of the victim of child abuse student told his friends about the incident, and the students raised their voice against the headmaster and started the protest. They went violent in the school and broke many things. When the police came over the incident and assure the students about the arrest of Headmaster of Islamia High School Lahore, then they stopped the protest. The government should conduct raids or take some strict action against the teachers and masters who are involved in student or child molestation or child abuse.

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  1. Child Molestation is a curse, which should be vanished. The Pakistani government should take strict action against the frustrated teachers who are involved in child abuse.

  2. It is the practice of some frustrated teachers in the school, who are involved in molesting the students.

  3. This situation is not happening in only one school, but most of the teachers of government schools set their students to perform duties at their homes.

  4. Government should change the attitude of teachers in the government schools by giving them the strict instructions to follow. It is a real matter that the students remains busy at the houses of masters or headmasters instead of giving time to their studies. The child molestation is a big incident in even in the schools, the government should start some action in this regard.

  5. These are the Tharki Pakistani teachers who are involved in child molestation.

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