Google Starts World’s Wonders Project at Streetview

Google has started the world’s wonders project at Streetview. Google has brought up the wonders of worlds together from the areas of Pompeii to Hiroshima Peace Memorial at the same place. Google Inc is aiming to bring to life the several worlds wonders of ancient world and modern age. Seven wonders of world are no more far from you now.

Through Google Streetview, now you can watch your favorite places while sitting at home in front of your computer or any android device. With the latest technology found by Google Inc, now you can travel to any place in the world like Taj Mahal, Ancient Egypt, Africa, Asia, Europe, United States of America and several other places.


The project is in progress, and several places have been recorded by the Google Streetview, and the remaining are still being collected by the Google Inc Streetview. It is a latest technology and people are getting its benefits at home by visiting their favorite places in HD Quality Images and Videos.

Google is working hard to finalize its world’s wonders project at Streetview, and it has almost done. Hence we recommend you to go to Google Streetview and see your favorite places on your computer screen and enjoy the travel through latest technology.

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