Gloria Pall Dead: Famous Voluptua Hostess Dies

LOS ANGELES: Gloria Pall passed away, who was a famous hostess of 1950s Los Angeles TV Show. She died today due to poor health condition. Whereas her biography is concerned, she was a famous TV hostess, whose program was canceled due to being so hot for television.

Gloria Pall was initially cast by KABC-TV in 1954 to present the romantic movies of each week. She appeared on the television screen as Voluptua, and she became famous among the audience due to her sexy and seductive poses during her show. She was a lady of flirtatious remarks during being Voluptua hostess.


Voluptua hostess could not manage to remain more at her show, as on the request of parent and religious groups her show was canceled after almost seven weeks. The lackluster commercial sponsorship was also against the Gloria Pall, who got dead on Sunday. There were several protests carried out against the Voluptua hostess, Gloria Pall.

Gloria Pall, later chosen to become a real estate agent, as her character was so simple and suggestive. She had left for the next world as today Gloria pall dies due to some major health problems.

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  1. Black and white series was a famous one of Hollywood.

  2. She got dead due to some health problem and age factor.

  3. She was a famous celebrity of Hollywood due to her hot scenes and acts.

  4. The hollywood is mourned upon the death of Gloria Pall.

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