Gilgit Baltistan posters outside UN Geneva Office

Islamabad: According to banners placed outside UN Geneva Office, Pakistan is selling Gilgit Baltistan to China. Almost six posters have been placed at the entrance of United Nations (UN) office in Geneva, which are passing the remarks against Islamic Republic Pakistan. These posters or banners were placed on 31st October 2012 on the day of Universal Period Review of Islamic Republic Pakistan.

The posters were having different messages on them like ‘Chinese are building military cell towers in Gilgit Baltistan’ and ‘Pakistan is selling Gilgit Baltistan to China’. It may be to destroy the friendship of Pakistan and China on the grounds of Gilgit Baltistan.

Who is behind this advocacy effort to dishonor Pakistan? It is not revealed yet, because no one has given tag or his name, who had posted these posters outside United Nations office. The names of individuals and organizations who published these posters are not written on them.

These posters contain pictures and photographs. One of these posters was containing the portrait of national leader, MLA Nawaz Khan Naji, and a message was written right down the picture against forced accession describing “We are neither Pakistanis nor Kashmiris.

Three of the posters and placards, which were placed outside the entrance of United Nations office, were describing the rights of Balochistan, which is another explosive region of Pakistan. The aim of publisher behind these posters is not cleared yet, but it seems that someone is trying to lead Pakistan towards the unexpected circumstances.

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