Ghost Appeared in Kuch To Hai CNBC Program

Exclusive Video of CNBC program Kuch to Hai hosted by Uzma Khan on 1st September 2012, in which ghost appeared getting the body of a man and a girl. The program revolves around the wandering soulds known as Jinaat. The panelists are the religious scholars, Allama Saeed Noor Mohammad and Dr. Muhammad Imran, a religious expert on souls, and expert on Mind Sciences respectively.

The main theme of this show is completely about the Jinaat, their existence in our lives as well as in this world, and the truth about their existence. It is believed that the ghosts exist in this world and Islam also testified this statement. According to many verses of Quraan, it is learnt that the ghosts exist in this world, but we can’t see them. So the existence of Jinaat is a truth. Allama Saeed Noor proved the existence of Jinaat with the help of different verses of Quraan, and gives various examples and tells his experience about Jinaat, while Dr. Muhammad Imran agrees with Allama Saeed Noor, and also tells that according to the science ghosts are existed in this world and also declares that there are many psychological disorders, which leads to abnormal condition of a man.

Neelam and her mother came to this program and her mother told that Neelam is involved in paranormal activities, and she waked up in the night and goes towards a tree in the garden of their home. Her mother was telling many things about Neelam, while Neelam remained quiet, and didn’t spoke up. Another guest came with her brother and told everything about the paranormal activity, which is done by her brother who is involved in this paranormal activity after crossing a bunch of garbage. After knowing about the conditions of both the patients, the panelists become enable to do a good experiment.

According to the panelists, Shakeel was suffering from a psychological disorder, and Neelam had an issue of ghosts. Both the diagnosis might be correct or not, but we can’t deny the existence of Jinaat in our lives, but we should not attached everything to Jinaat. We generally ignore the psychological disorders and put everything on the same issue, and considered many things happened due to the existence of Jinaat. Have a look on this video, and decide personally and know about the truth of existence of Jinaat in this world.


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  1. Ghosts are more in quantity than human beings, but we can’t see them.

  2. The existence of ghosts can’t be denied. It may be the real incident because paranormal activity can take place anywhere. The ghosts are more than in numbers or popularity than the human beings. They live especially in those places, where humans can’t disturb them.

  3. If you keep on putting up content similar to this then I am going to keep on returning back to your weblog. Really good information.

  4. Sh……… Kuch to Hai.

  5. Kuch to hai program is going well on CNBC.

  6. The CNBC Program Kuch to Hai is going well and a lot of audience watch it on Saturday night.

  7. This program is going well at CNBC.

  8. Kuch to Hei is one of the famous programs of CNBC News channel.

  9. I like to watch the Kuch to hai at CNBC as it comes with quality talk.

  10. This program has been designed keeping in view the needs of people who are involved in the paranormal activities.

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