Freida Pinto ‘Hottest Indian Chick’ by GQ Magazine US Edition

GQ Magazine US edition has crowned the Freida Pinto as Hottest Indian Chick. Slumdog Millionaire star, Freida Pinto has been honored by GQ Magazine this week.

According to the Daily Mail report, the publication has become embroiled as it included some new race-specific and different categories to its “100 Sexiest Women of 21st Century” poll.

The people who were critics have closed the lady glossy for suggesting the women of their own ethnicity, while these women were not attractive in other races or complexions. The titles were awarded as below.


Sexiest Indian Chick

Sexiest Chinese Chisk

Most Tenuous of All

and Sexiest Pregnant Sri Lankan

Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan title was awarded to British Rapper M.I.A., and Ziyi Zhang was awarded with Hottest Chinese Chick.

The critics were only rising the issue that some girls are only attractive and beautiful in the specific race. Hence they are not against the principles to award the title. They also presented an example that Freida Pinto was crowned as Hottest Indian Chick, there is no title for Beyonce’s African-American heritage, Kim Kardashian Armenian anestry or Mila Kunis Ukrainian.

People from different countries are raising this issue of specific ethnicity or race, But the Indians are very pleased to see Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire as Hottest Indian Chick by GQ Magazine US edition.

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