Free Pianos in the Streets of Boston – Play Me I am Yours

‘Street Pianos’ has decided to fill the street of Boston with free pianos with a slogan on them “Play Me I am Yours”. The passerby will pleased to play free Pianos in the streets of Boston without paying a penny. The Boston Streets will be full of musical melodies and piano music.

According to a famous music artist, he campaign “Play Me, I’m Yours” will be in the Boston Streets, as the project has been finalized and ready to be implemented in September. Each and Every Piano is decorated, designed and painted by the local artists. They have write a word “Play Me, I’m Yours” on them.

The people on the bus shelters, public parks, railway or train stations and markets will be openly invited to show their talent by putting their fingers on the keyboard instruments i.e. Piano buttons. They will play music of their own choice and enjoy the free piano services, whether they are well trained or beginners.

Free Pianos in Streets, Parks, Stations and Markets






Play Me I’m Yours project has been started and almost 700 pianos have been placed in almost 34 cities around the world especially in New York and London, where people are enjoying with the free piano service. The public is pleased to play free pianos in the streets and markets, where the free pianos are placed and available.

The next place according to the recent statement by “Play Me, I’m Yours” is Hub, where the free pianos will be available. The concept of promoting music is given by the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a friend of Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino.

According to another report, the group has reached the Mayor’s office of Arts, Tourism and Special events to place pianos in the streets of Boston for public. Street Pianos project has been designed to motivate the public towards claiming ownership of their urban landscape. The group’s website is motivating the public towards music and their culture.

Luke Jerram the creator of “Play Me, I’m Yours” has given a new idea by introducing the project. The people who spend their time at their homes silently will go out and play the free pianos, as it will change their environment and daily activities. It will be a great opportunity for the musicians to perform their art in the streets by using the wonderful and costly musical instruments (Pianos).

Bostonians are now expecting the free piano project in the streets and random places, where painted pianos will be installed for the public and musicians to show their talent. Play Me, I’m Yours project is going to take place soon in Boston, which will give a new thinking and change the environment of the peoples in the community.

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