Fish of Plastic Recycled Bottles – Amazing Artwork Pictures

Someone has done a great artwork on beach by making fish of plastic recycled bottles. The gigantic statues of fishes have been made with empty plastic bottles. The designer has utilized the empty bottles to make these big statutes of fishes.

Fishes or statutes are giving an amazing look at night by taking a spectacular light show. They are lit from the inside out at night. The day and night views of the fish statues are just amazing. Actually it is an artwork, which is being admired by the visitors. The fish harbor authority was also surprised to see the amazing structure of fishes built by the designer with plastic bottles. These beautiful fishes are a source of pleasure for the beach visitors. The visitors have no fear of fish attack, as these fishes are only beautiful statues.

You can see the people are coming to see the amazing fishes statues, which are made of recycled bottles of plastic. You can have a look on the artwork pictures on the beach and pass your comments upon them, so that the designer could be appreciated.







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