Female Smokers Ratio at Increasing trend in Pakistan

According to a special report on smoking, ratio of female smokers is increasing in Pakistan. Pakistani girls used to go in Sheesha cafes to get satisfied from their smoking needs. The report told that almost 22 percent of the Pakistani girls are female smokers, and the ratio is at increasing trend.

Smoking is a bad habit, and it relates to man, but in this new era girls are mostly coming towards this trend. Smoking has become a fashion in our youth and youngsters. The boys are used to smoke cigarettes in the colleges and other study places. Especially students including males and females are coming towards the cigarette smoking.


Pakistani government has taken the strict action against the increasing trend of Sheesha smokers, and closed all the cafes who were surfing Sheesha at their premises. Female smokers are also being appreciated, who were coming for Sheesha smoking in the cafes.

Several doctors have started campaign against the smoking as well as the female smokers in Pakistan and all over the world. They are telling the disadvantages of smoking, which is not good for anyone’s health. According to another report, it is also revealed that Pakistani girls or students also use drugs like hashish in their colleges, which is not a good habit being students.

Whereas the female smokers are concerned, they should think about their career and leave the cigarette smoking, as it can be harmful for themselves as well as their children or other persons in the environment. Smoking is not only dangerous for the smoker, but also for the people who are sitting around smoking person. Pakistani girls should also think about their culture and traditions, where girl or females are not used to smoke.

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