Famous Novelist Razia Butt Passes Away

Razia Butt, who was a famous novelist and story writer of Pakistan passed away on Thursday at the age of 89 in the Defense area of Lahore (DHA). The whole showbiz industry is mourned upon her death.

According to the sources, the famous novelist Razia Butt felt the pain in her chest and suddenly went unconscious. The family members got worried about her and took her to the nearest hospital, where the doctors declared her death.


The family members has now confirmed the death and announced that the funeral prayer of the famous story writer will be performed after the Asar prayer on Friday i.e. (Today)

Whereas the history of Late Razia Butt is concerned, she has written 51 novels and 350 stories. The Famous novel and story writer has also contributed in Bul Bano, Zindagi Sharhand Aashi, Bano, Naila, and many others. A lot of Pakistani Dramas and movies have been made on the stories of the Writer. May her soul rest in peace.

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