Fake news about Shaista Wahidi and Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman marriage

At last the reality has come to the media, as Shaista Wahidi as well as Geo TV are no more ready for the further scandalous talk and controversies. This is totally a fake news that is published on a lot of blogging and social media sites that Shaista Wahidi is going to marry Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman who is a Geo TV owner. A lot of people are talking about the divorce of Shaista Wahidi, but as they don’t know the reality behind the divorce, they are making different controversies. This was a big rumor in last some days that Shaista is going to marry Mr. Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman. The images made with photoshop or other software regarding Shaista Wahidi and Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman were up on the blogs, making a new scandal of Geo TV. Keeping in view the repute of family Mr. Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman finally took action against the blogger and parties, who are spreading this rumor.

A Legal notice was served by the Ahmad & Qazi Advocates, on the behalf of Mr. Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman (The CEO of Jung Group) to all the bloggers and site owners to put this scandal or fake news down or removal of the post. This was a legal notice for defamation. Mr. Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman also put a fine for Rs. 1 Billion for the loss of his repute with the publishing of this fake news. They also demanded to put up the any proof of this news and publish an apology post regarding this matter.

We had also published a post regarding the Shaista Wahidi and Mr. Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman marriage, which was a fake news, and has unauthentic source i.e. other blogs over the web. This time we have went wrong and therefore we apologize. We are also sorry if someone’s repute was hurt by publishing this fake news. We have just put down and deleted the post with fake news about Shaista Wahidi and the GEO TV Owner as well as CEO of Jung Group.

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  1. Shaista Wahidi has given the statement that he is not going to marry anyone for the time being. The all news about her marriage are just rumor or scandals.

  2. It is the reason that Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman has taken the legal action, otherwise this scandal would continued.

  3. Its totally wrong to sacrifice your children career keeping in view your showbiz career.

  4. Its hard to leave the children just because of showbiz.

  5. This is totally as fake news about Shaista as the Geo TV owner has claimed the websites are saying wrong and publishing the fake news.

  6. You can say nothing abuot her marriage, as she is also not responding upon the issue.

  7. Shaista Wahidi divorce has become a controversy in the country, while Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman has never purposed her he is also a part of this scandal.

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