Facebook Value Is Now $104 Billion – Ready to sell the Shares

The famous social networking site i.e. Facebook is selling its shares in the market. It value is now 104 Billion Dollars. The 8 years old site has been doing a great and huge business in the market. Keeping in view the demand of people Facebook is going in the market again to issue her shares on a cost of $38 each.

The shares will be available for purchase in the New York city, and company is issuing the 25% above than the decided quantity of the shares.


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  1. Is it the actual value, and where to buy the shares of facebook?

  2. Facebook has launched its shares in the market, and now it is also getting and generating the revenue from Ads placement section.

  3. Google has purchased the so called and famous websites, but it couldn’t purchase the Facebook, as it is generating profit day by day and becoming more powerful. If someone makes a site like Facebook, it may not become popular as facebook has made its place in several countries of the world and people are addicted of facebook.

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