Exorcism Performed in Maya Khan Show: Exclusive Live Video

In this exclusive video, you can see the exorcism performed in Maya Khan Show on express TV. Few Days ago a Fake Peer or Fake Aalim was exposed by the Hasb-e-Haal team on Dunya TV. It is difficult to perform exorcism on the live TV channels in front of a big audience, but the same Aalim has given the live performance.

In the Maya Khan show the Aalim has proved his authenticity by performing the exorcism on a TV channel team member. The Video of Exorcism Performed in Maya Khan Show has become popular in Pakistan, and people are appreciating her show on Express TV Channel. Pakistani Morning Show host Maya Khans scandals are roaming over the web, and it seems that she will face another scandal due to this video.


Maya Khan show was badly criticized few month ago by the Pakistani nation, when she was exposing the dating places and couples in Karachi during her show. She has done a preplanned show, and people know about her attitude. Some people are still saying that she is doing a planted show by inviting the Fake Aalims. What do you say about it, watch the exclusive exorcism video and write your comments.

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