Eunuchs Will Enjoy Equal Rights As Given to Men & Women

Islamabad, Pakistan: Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered that the eunuchs will now enjoy the equal rights as given to men and women in Pakistan. The Supreme Court has made a rule upon this act about the eunuchs.

A Supreme Court bench headed consisted on three members and headed by the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the case and decided to make a rule that the equal rights will be given to eunuchs as a normal citizen is entitled, and this is all according to the constitution of Pakistan.


The main problem in Pakistan is that we have no job opportunities in government and private sectors for eunuchs. So what will they do for surviving with their lives. How eunuchs will meet the personal expenses or daily living expenditures. This is a very good decision taken by the Government or Judiciary of Pakistan that they are now awarded with the equal rules as other human beings in the country are entitled.

The three members bench headed by the Chief Justice has now legalize it on the papers that eunuchs will be given equal rights of inheritance, job opportunities, working grounds or area, education facilities, and many more in their parent country i.e. Pakistan. The main problem is also solved as the special seats in government and private sectors will be allocated to eunuchs. As the eunuchs always goes to courts for demanding jobs and equal rights to meet their daily living expenses, when the first time they were heard and responded.

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  1. They should be given equal rights, because it is their right to get jobs in the government and private department of Pakistan.

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