Esha Gupta ramp walk on Blender Pride Fashion Tour 2012

Mumbai: Famous Bollywood hot and bold actress Esha Gupta hot pictures were taken while ramp walk on Blender Pride Fashion Week 2012. She is said to be the Angelina Jolie of Bollywood, because she is much similar to her. The crowed was amazed to see the Esha Gupta in beautiful black dress designed by the ace designer Mandira Wirk, and the dress was from her collection.

Esha Gupta is one of those Bollywood Celebrities, who started her career from the runway as a model, and after getting fame from this platform appeared at big screen of Bollywood Cinema. When she asked about the Blender Pride Fashion Tour 2012, she said that before coming to ramp walk on runway i always touch the ramp floor for getting the blessings of God and then walks on ramp, because this is my first platform where from i have started everything.

Esha Gupta also said some amazing words when she was asked about the difference between shooting of a film and runway ramp walk. In response to the question she said “you can get retakes while shooting of a film, but whereas the ramp walk is concerned you have to do all the things in one shot, because there is no any retake or second chance.

Here you can see the hot and bold pictures or photos of Esha Gupta, who is wearing the Mandira Wirk’s dress from her superb collection. She is rocking in the black beautiful and a little bit transparent dress on the runway of Blender Pride Fashion Tour 2012.

Here are the exclusive and beautiful Esha Gupta’s hot pictures gallery / images collection and photos taken while walking on the ramp of Blender Pride.

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