Erin Moran Homeless And Kicked Out Of Trailer Park and Money

The Television Star Erin Moran who is now 51 and played Joanie Cunningham on the beloved classic sitcom “Happy Days”, is kicked out of Trailer Park and now homeless. She is also running out of money in Indiana.

Erin Moran is a former television star and reportedly moving hotel to hotel, place to place, after getting kicked out of the trailer. She shared with her mother in law and husband, allegedly because of her partying.



But now at this time Erin Moran has been kicked out of hotels, due to her behavior. On different occasions the management of hotel has warned her for her unruly behavior, but they have now lost their temper and demanded for leaving of the property.

Previously she received a healthy settlement after suing CBS alongside her former co-star for not finding him sincere with the contract. But Erin Moran has not done a healthy acting work in years. The only famous part of her life was, when she appeared in a lot of reality shows. At this time her friends are worried about her as she is running out of money. These days the Erin appears in hotel parking lot, while smoking and drinking etc.

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  1. It is the reality that when you loose money, you loose some unnatural friends also.

  2. Government should do something for her, as she is homeless for the time being, but she is an old and gold actress of America.

  3. Yup You are right government should do some changes in policy making and make some rules so that the Erin Moran could live in her own house.

  4. She should be given a home by the government keeping in view the Erin Moran services in the TV channels.

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