Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings and New Murals

The whitewashed wall in Tahrir Square Egypt became a source of protest, expression of emotions, and preservation of nation memory through insolent hits of different colors. The Egyptians protested against the immoral acts going on in their country. The wall consists of different words like ‘When I leave your right I will be dead’, we will not forget you’ was presenting the harsh words and sentiments against the police, whereas a lot of people have become a victim of police brutality.

These drawings on the walls were a response to the Egyptian Government’s attempt of cleaning the area Tahrir Square, which was also welcomed by the some so called people, who wished to forget about the political chaos in order to start anew, while the others were seems to be more critical and take it as the establishments attempt to “erase history” as well as the freedom of thoughts.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings

In this painting a Egyptian woman passes by a new mural inspired by a huge circulated picture of Egyptian police badly beating a woman and stripping a veiled female, who is a protestor. The incident of beating and stripping a veiled woman has been painted over the recently whitewashed wall in Tahrir Square. It is written in an Arabic Writing that we will never forget you.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings1

An Egyptian lady is standing with her baby aside the new mural which says “Live Freedom, Social Justice.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings3

An Egyptian Woman wearing Veil looking on graffiti in Tahrir Square.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings2

A young boy or you can say the Egyptian youth passes by a new mural that reminds us about a student activist, who was brutally killed in the military clashes in December, 2011.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings4

An Egyptian young man is sitting in front of wall painting, at which it is written in Arabic that “Egypt is the grave of the Muslim Brotherhood,” and “when I leave your right I will be dead.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings6

It is written on the mural that “We are proud of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings5

An Egyptian man is passing by a new mural on a whitewashed wall.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings7

An old man is standing aside a new mural on a recently whitewashed wall, which is saying in Arabic written on the wall painting “The Revolution is in our veins.

Egyptians Protested With Wall Paintings8

A Young man passing through the new mural with an Egyptian flag wrapped around his neck, and a bullet case in her hand. – Photo by AP



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  1. I like the wall paintings, which have been presented for protest against the police.

  2. Yup its nice and peaceful way to protest against anything.

  3. This is a beautiful and peaceful way of protest with beautiful murals.

  4. This is a nice style of protest.

  5. THX for sharing.

  6. These are the beautiful paintings, and the right way to show anger towards anything.

  7. Peaceful way of protesting against something.

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