Doctor Injects Girl’s Bums with Cement

A Doctor from Miami (US) has done a worst plastic surgery of a girl in a manner that which is not suiting at all, as it looks like horror movie. It is a worst plastic surgery of girl’s hips, where a doctor injects a mixture of cement, superglue and oil in her hips.

The Girl’s bums came out and she was surprised to see her bums, which were the desired by her. But the girl ended up in the hospital, where she got the serious disease, which was cured after removing the mixture of cement and oil by the doctors from her body.

The girl’s hips were popping out after having cement in them by the doctors. But after getting the disease the mixture was removed from her hips, and she was feeling relaxed after removal. It was a worst and amazing plastic surgery ever done by the doctors.

It was a weird act performed by the doctor by injecting the cement into woman’s hips. he was arrested by the police on the complaint of the patient. It seems that doctor Morris took her own medicine as well. Have a look on the pictures of girl’s bums, which were made healthy by the doctor by inserting the cement mixture into them.


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