Delicious Coffee Art Gallery, Coffee Clip Art Paintings 2013

Here we are going to present the latest beautiful coffee clip art pictures of 2013. In this beautiful collection of paintings the coffee has been used as the paint to make the portraits more beautiful in a unique color.

Coffee bean clip art has become famous and now a days in vogue, so it may be called a modern art. It is well in our knowledge that whenever a painting is concerned, several colors are used to make it more beautiful and charming. But it has now become a famous trend that Coffee is used as paint in unique paintings, which are called coffee clip art gallery. The painters make these beautiful paintings with the help of coffee, which is also drinkable.

Coffee Clip Art or Coffee art is a terms used, when a painting is made with the coffee not with the usual paint. Here we are presenting some beautiful coffee paintings made by a young artist from Tulsa. These pictures are giving a smooth thinking, as they are in single coffee color.

Karen, a young artist from Tulsa have used the coffee flavor in the making of paintings, and these paintings are only made with one color i.e. coffee flavor. She was just going to make a coffee house with coffee powder while enjoying a cup of coffee. But she has really done a great job by making these beautiful and delicious coffee paintings. Have a look on her coffee art gallery, where all the paintings have been made with coffee powder.

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