Delhi Gang Rape Victim Lakshmi Aravind’s Photo Release

An innocent 23-years old girl, who became the victim of gang rape in moving bus on 16th of December-2012 is being discussed in all over the world. The photo of the girl has also been released by the media, and after going through the pictures of this beautiful girl, it seems that the culprits behind this incident were heartless, who assaulted the innocent lady badly.

She was assaulted with an iron rod and dumped on the road side at highway. She succumbed to her injuries and died after a medical treatment in a hospital in Singapore, where she had been shifted for better medical treatment. It has become a big story of 2012, which is still being discussed due to the un-arrested criminals behind this case.

If you go through the pictures, the girl who became the victim of gang rape is looking so charming, innocent and beautiful. Before the incident of gang rape her pictures were not published or aired by the media, even not posted at any social networking site. But now the media has released the innocent photograph of the gang rape victim girl.


The facts behind the case will leave you speechless, when it comes to your knowledge that the wedding of the girl was planned in February 2013 and she was rapped badly and horribly by the six men in a moving bus and after being raped she was dumped at the roadside of the highway.

The Bollywood celebrities including actors and actresses are supporting the girls family by carrying out the protests against the gang rape case in several different forms. The whole world is supporting the family of the victim, but the family may just waiting for the justice, which will come with the deaths of culprits.

According to our point of view, the culprits or alleged persons behind the gang rape case should not be sent behind bars, but should be shot in front of nation, so that no such incident could take place again in the country. The gang rape cases in India at their peak and government should take serious action upon the matter and the persons who are behind the alleged raping and killing of the innocent girl i.e. Lakshmi Aravind should be punished.

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  1. Several celebrities are protesting against the case.

  2. Indian police should take strict action and arrest the culprits behind the case.

  3. It was a really bad incident in the history of India.

  4. The gril was rapped brutally.

  5. Interesting site.

  6. She was a beautiful girl.

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